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Hello and welcome

I’m delighted you’re here! The Take Care project is about creating a space to share stories about self care and to provide a warm understanding hug to you, right now. It’s about acknowledging life as it is and about celebrating how remarkable and valuable you are.

Self care is one of the most important things a person can do for their mental fitness and wellbeing. Yet, I know from my professional and personal experience, most of us struggle to take the time. My hope is that the Take Care project normalises self care for everyone, and makes it all the more possible.  In this crazy, busy world, self care is something we can all do to help us survive and, importantly, thrive.

Here at Take Care, be inspired by the growing collection of real stories about self care, join the conversation about how you take care, and check out the resources on offer. It’s still early days. Come along with us for the ride and let’s create something truly awesome.

Take care,


Great women share their real stories about how they take care.

How do you take care? Share your story with us.

Ideas, resources, and support for your self care.